Reverse ID

Reverse ID Lookup allows you simply enter a website and find out what other websites belong to the same owner.

  • Find websites made by same company or webmaster to better estimate cooperation oportunities and/or plan competition. Knowledge of the projects and websites run by your competitor can help you choose right partners incompetition.
  • Study certain niche in internet or software business by identifying unique players in that niche. Often companiesuse several brands for the same product, in order to raise market share and better influence market.
  • Identify fake customers or partners listed on competitor's website. Some people list other their own sites in thelist of customers or partners - identify such fake relationships to better estimate business of your competitor.
  • Find out other domain names of same site belonging to your competitor. This way you can find missing keywords youforgot to optimize your site for or to guess the plans of your competitors.
  • Plan your online advertisement better and avoid cheating webmasters. By knowing that webmaster of some site cheatsby clicking on your ads, disable advertisement on all other sites made by same webmaster - discover networks ofwebsites and ban your ads from showing on entire network.
  • Get insider information by finding out the blogs of some site's owners. Webmasters usually have blogs where theydisclose financial results, plans for future or list their mistakes - get access to this information by finding theblogs of webmasters!
  • List all other domains domains owned by same cybersquatter (for sale or parked). This can estimate the cybersquatter'sbusiness better, predict prices they may agree on, or find better domain for sale by the same cybersquatter to buyseveral domains at batch with discount.
  • Search for websites that use given Google Analytics ID, Google Adsense ID, Piwik ID or OWA ID. Sometimes internet thieves steal your pages source code and forget to remove your partner IDs from it. Bysearching for your partner IDs you can find sites that stole your code.

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